keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2009

Size doesn't matter, right?

Have you heard...
"Size doesn't matter"-story?

..what... I can't hear you... WHAT??

"Size doesn't matter"??? -Are you kidding me?

That must be a joke?

Of course it matters...
My boyfriend has the biggest ears in the world and he's awesome.

...I'm cuter than that guy.. What , who is he?
-Leonardo Who?
Blaah,blaah,blaah! Look at me! I'm gorgeous!

Ok. I'm tiny but I'm brave.
I take a walk on the wild side.

Big hair day.

Ok. Try to explain that nosejob-thing to this guy.

And I didn't believe in that power planting business...

I guess I wrote this story myself...
But hey, he's a very good actor. Very convincing.
Better run now.

Ps. I believe in happy endings.


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  1. Hah-hah-haa! Tää oli hauska! Kiitos päivänpiristyksestä! :)



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